Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Yahoo to acquire Six Apart?

This Blogging thing occasionally throws up questions at unexpected times or from unexpected sources , like this one in an email from Jonathon:
You may have already seen this:
What do you think?
But my question is: what in heaven's name is he doing reading Internetstockblog? Jonathon is one of these characters who disavows financial motives. He would never be caught reading the Australian Financial Review or the Wall Street Journal, let alone obscure tip sheets.

Anyway, the answer to HIS question is easy. No professional investor (Joi et al) would invest in a startup (SixApart) without an exit strategy. Yahoo would seem a natural and logical exit for them and a nice way to cash in their chips. Blogging is a bigger business than what a couple of squirrels can keep the hands and heads around. And I admire the way that Mena and Ben have managed to survive the process of growing their business.

The answer to MY question is also easy, but still manages to surprise me occasionally. The power of syndication, linking and trackback keeps us informed in a way and at a speed we would not have held possible 20 years ago.

Now I'm sounding like an old man. Back to work...


Blogger Marius Coomans said...

Ah well, Yahoo bought Flickr instead...

4:28 pm  

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