Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hopefully last post about Gmail/SMTP

After 2 days of email experiments, I took the plunge this morning and paid US$25 to to provide a server which (hopefully) works in most places, is silent (doesn't alter the "from" details) AND sends a copy to an address which you can set up in their control panel. The recommended setting is port 2525 and they provide a utility to sniff out which ports are OK to use if necessary. Not bad for a Pommy company...

So now I have:
  • One set up in Outlook, usable at home, airport, on holiday at work.
  • All my outgoing emails automatically archived on Gmail
  • All my incoming emails forwarded by the server(s) to Gmail, which in turn I access with Outlook.

Maybe Mrs Google will do this some day without the pain which I had to endure over the past few days, but for the moment, I'm happy.


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