Thursday, June 16, 2005

Testing Qumana

I'm having a look at Qumana, which is a weblog editor. I've been look for a convenient editor for use with the various weblogs which I maintain, so I was eager to try it. The installer didn't place any shortcuts on my desktop nor icons in the system tray as suggested in the documentation, but I successfully launched it from "Program files" and my initial impressions were favourable: straighforward interface, spell checking and thesaurus.
error message "key (url) not found"
Unfortunately, it failed when trying to configure it for the Active Weblog, which uses Movable Type. Qumana found Movable Type's xml-rpc.cgi file ok, but produced this error when testing the set-up. I couldn't find any relevant support information of the Qumana site and I expect to forward this post to them for assistance.

In stead, I configured the system for use with blogger, which went smoothly and writing this quick post is my first experience with Qumana.
Unfortunately, when posting this item, a number of glitches appeared:
  • The image url was mangled by Qumana and did not display until I edited the HTML.
  • The title of the post did not apear on Blogger, I had to manually edit it.
So my initial impression is that it's not ready for prime time. That's a pity, because the world is waiting for an editor that makes posting to Weblogs as easy as writing an email and sending it.

Still later:
I received a prompt reply from Tris Hussy at Qumana asking for more information on the image display bug. I tried to replicate the image problem and found that I had mistakenly entered a backslash (rather than forward slash) in the image URL. Interestingly, this did not stop Qumana from displaying the image, but covered up the error until that post was published to Blogger. So it was caused by a combination of my poor typing and Qumana covering up that error. The other problems remain as stated above.
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Blogger SatishTalim said...

I have had some problems with the product too and I will be waiting for the fixes before I start using the same. What about you?

9:11 pm  
Blogger Jon Husband said...

Thanks for this useful feedback. We know about the Blogger Title issue (it's actually more of an issue with the Blogger API than Qumana's ability) .. and this, we hope, should be sorted out in time for the next release, which should be reasonably soon.

Please keep trying to find all the annoying quirks and faults .. the more we know now, the sooner we can deliver a better next version(s).

12:45 am  
Blogger Marius Coomans said...

Jon, I'm less worried about the Blogger bug (Blogger has a convenient editor already) than the one that stopped me from using it on Movable Type. We need a decent editor which integrates well with Movable Type.

7:42 am  
Anonymous Tony Stevenson said...

Marius - I use Ecto happily on a Mac. It's also available for Windows. See I have never pushed its full capabilities but am impressed by its bang for buck and the authors efforts to keep improving it. Certainly handles multiple blogs with aplomb (though I only have the one blog - how inadequate am I?)

9:55 pm  

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